Opal Gin
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Opal Gin

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Opal Gin batch no. 1

Made from Nordic botanicals and crafted by the award-winning master distiller, Anders Bilgram. 

Botanicals: 8

_Lemon verbena
_Fennel seeds
_Coriander seeds
_White pepper

ALC: 41,4%

Batch no. 1

50 CL

Opal Gin has a light, fresh and clean taste with hidden notes of citrus and herbs. We recommend that you either enjoy it with a light tonic and lemon/apple garnish or mix it in a white negroni or martini.

Enjoy Opal Gin on a warm summer day on the terrace, or on a cozy winter night, drink it with people you love and let it be part of the special occasion that creates memorable moments..