Liquid Studio is a playful universe where inspiration and creativity runs in the veins. We are in constant search of new ideas and products and love to challenge well-known flavor combinations from Nordic ingrediens. 

Liquid Studio is anchored on Nordic simplicity and pay tribute to the spices and herbs from the Nordic nature.
We carefully select our local partners and put pride in making handcrafted premium liquids.  We strive to deliver taste, fragrance and design as unique combination in the final product.

Our first product is Opal gin. Opal refers to the color that is visible through the bottle and also the artistic gemstone Opal. Opal symbolizes purity and can be translated into ”a change of color.” With our design we want to emphasize our clean and simple product but still play with colors which shows clearly when twisting and turning the bottle.

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Reach out to us at hello@liquidstudiocph.dk or via our social media accounts.